Creating the Best Glasses-free 3D Realtime Conversion Microchips

About VEFXi

VEFXi believes the future of video is no-glasses 3D. VEFXi specializes in conversion to no-glasses 3D from other 2D and 3D formats. It's previously introduced glasses-based converters are still the highest quality in the industry. In addition, VEFXi's converters can convert 2D to 3D and pop the 3D out of the screen, which has not been matched by any company in the industry.

VEFXi was founded in December 2010 and is now developing its third generation of converter technology which further increases quality, depth and 3D popout creating a stunning entertainment experience. VEFXi started shipping products in September 2011 and has shipped products oriented for home theater, digital signage, and Hollywood-style post-production 3D conversion systems.

The new generation will be introduced as microchip products which will be initially sold into the embedded systems markets for TVs, tablets, PCs, 2-in1s, and mobile phones. OEM companies can differentiate and gain early market share in no-glasses 3D with VEFXi microchips that create the best no-glasses 3D experience with any product that has a video screen.

VEFXi is a privately held company based near Portland, Oregon. Contact VEFXi now.

VEFXi headquarters near Portland, OR