3D Conversion Embedded Microchip ASIC

Embedded Glasses-free 3D Conversion Microchips

Delivering you the industry's best no-glasses 3D video conversion embedded microchips

We believe any 3D entertainment device should be simple to operate. When the 3D mode is turned on, you should enjoy beautiful no-glasses 3D whether the source content is from 2D or 3D glasses-based content.

The most important component of any 3D entertainment system is outstanding 2D to 3D conversion because the majority of content available is in 2D. 2D to 3D conversion allows the user to watch anything they desire in stunning realtime 3D. Without VEFXi's conversion microchips, people will mostly watch 2D video on their 3D device because of the lack of 3D content.

VEFXi Microchip Design NeuralBrain Technology

3D solutions are made easy with VEFXi's embedded microchips. Tailored to fit smoothly into your sleek and slim devices, your products will be offering the best 3D conversion available on the market.
Operating more like a brain than a processor, our microchip approach is unique. As a result, our design requires much less electronics to do higher quality conversions than others while being more power-efficient. The VEFXi design results in smaller, lower cost and low power microchips that efficiently fit into thin, modern products.

VEFXi Third Generation Technology: 2D and 3D conversion to no-glasses 3D

Microchip Products

1. A microchip designed for TVs, premium tablets, PCs and two-in-ones up to 4K UHD:

Optimized for larger displays.

2. A microchip designed for mobile phones and economy tablets:

Optimized for a smaller footprint and lower power.

3rd Generation Intelligence

These products are based on our new third generation technology that support outstanding pop-out and depth and incorporate what we learned from professional customer feedback of our first two generations. For several years, here at VEFXi, we've been refining our 3D conversion technology making the VEFXi brand top notch in quality for 3D converted video. We're now pouring our advanced conversion technology into ASICs specially designed to embed into your no-glasses 3D entertainment display products.