VEFXi Corporation

Industry's Best Glasses-free 3D Video Embedded Conversion Solutions

  • Microchips for mobile phones, tablets, PCs, laptops and 4K TVs
  • Far more 3D pop-out and depth than other conversion solutions
  • High quality 2D or stereo 3D to no-glasses 3D conversion

After three generations of conversion technology, VEFXi is now rockin' up to several feet of 3D pop-out from 2D content on 55" TVs.

3rd Generation Intelligence

Now working on our third generation of conversion technology, we've invented an entirely new approach to our 3D conversion that will be able to be rapidly advanced for years to come.
Each customer has the ability to create their own unique conversion differentiators with the VEFXi embedded microchips.
Our third generation products are driven by feedback from customers and a radically new technological approach.

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